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Supply Chain & Inflationary Pressures
Thursday, August 4 at 1PM Central

Members of the green industry have not been immune to the supply shortages and higher input costs taking place across the nation in 2022. These pressures have forced many to order materials well in advance of future growing seasons. Tactics like this leave green industry businesses wondering: How far in advance should you consider purchasing supplies while keeping competitive prices? In this Industry Insider on supply and inflationary pressures, our panel of experts from all sectors of the green industry will share knowledge on techniques that can be incorporated into business operations in ways that are economically sustainable and minimize exterior pressures. REGISTER HERE

New 2010-2020 CRTI Datasets for the Urban Forest - Why You Should Care and What You Can Learn
Tuesday, August 16 at 10AM Central

We are excited to provide you with brand new urban forest data - based on the recently updated LiDAR analysis and the accompanying health, air quality, heat, flooding, and vulnerable population datasets. See how our urban forest has changed since 2010 and learn how you can access this new data, use the Story and Prioritization Maps, and see the new Canopy Summary Packets - developed for each community and each Chicago neighborhood. This new data provides a critical foundation to inform decisions that will impact quality of life in your community. REGISTER HERE

Building a Better Monarch Butterfly Garden
Tuesday, August 23 at 10AM  Central

This talk will help attendees to better understand why Monarch butterflies are in peril, why their conservation matters, and how partnership between the Horticulture Industry and gardening public can help to restore this beloved native butterfly to sustainable status. It covers the fascinating natural history of the monarch, including its spectacular long-distance migrations and special relationship with milkweed, as well as best milkweed species for attracting and sustaining monarchs and native bees in gardens. Recent research showing that garden design and placement matters, and that cultivars of native milkweeds (“nativars”) have conservation value for gardens, will be discussed, as well as how to prevent a garden from becoming an “ecological trap” for monarchs due to predation by invasive wasps or planting the wrong type of milkweed. Consumer demand for milkweed seedlings and nectar plants is burgeoning. Information from this webinar will help garden center personnel, Master Gardeners, and others to better advise customers and other stakeholders about butterfly gardening. Register Here

How do Weather and Climate Impact Boxwood Blight?
Wednesday, September 7, at 12PM Central

Boxwood blight is a fungal disease that can decimate boxwood plantings in most all settings and environments. The degree of injury can vary widely, depending on cultivar susceptibility, local disease severity, and weather, from nearly symptom-free to total destruction and death of boxwood plants. Dr. Len Coop will present how weather and climate affect both where the disease is of most concern, and when conditions may be most favorable for disease build-up. A demonstration of online tools will be given so that boxwood managers can apply these principles toward reducing and controlling this disease. Now boxwood blight model predictions can be delivered according to a subscriber's settings in their email in-box, making management decisions easier and less time-consuming. REGISTER HERE

Effectively Using Air Pruning Systems in Propagation & Nursery Production
Wednesday, September 14 at 1PM Central

Air-pruning propagation trays and containers can help to develop high-quality tree root systems. With the variety of products available – with features ranging from simple drainage holes, holes or slits in walls to fully wall-less and bottomless containers so how do you decide which container to choose and then how do you manage plants in these types of containers? In this session, we will explore how to effectively use air pruning containers to create high quality root systems in woody perennials. Topics will include: moisture management in air pruning systems, what to look for when choosing a substrate, and discussion about the different features of container types on the market. REGISTER HERE

Women in Horticulture Interview with Summer Field, Spring Meadow Nursery
Thursday, September 29 at 1PM Central

Summer Field is a propagation manager at Spring Meadow Nursery in Grand Haven, MI. Born and raised in northern Illinois, Summer’s passion for horticulture is a result of taking various high school agriculture related courses, being a member of The National FFA Organization, and attending horticulture and floriculture judging competitions.  After college, Summer joined Spring Meadow Nursery as an assistant propagation manager. She has learned everything from deciding when it’s the perfect time to take a cutting off an ornamental shrub liner to production and labor planning. We’ll discuss how mentors have helped Summer navigate her career, motivated her, and aided in her success, and how she hopes to mentor others entering the industry. REGISTER HERE

Controlling Nostoc, a Slippery Hazard for Nursery Workers
Tuesday, October 4 at 9AM Central

Nostoc, is a cyanobacterium that produces thick, olive-green to brown, gelatinous masses on nursery roadways, walkways and production areas. While it does not impact crops directly, patches of this slimy invader are slipping hazards for you and your workers. Most pesticides used in nurseries are ineffective. But, what was once a perplexing and frustrating problem can now be controlled with relative ease. In this presentation Dr. Neal will review five years of research on strategies to control nostoc in container nurseries. REGISTER HERE

Smart Plants—Magical Interactions Between Flowers and Their Pollinators
Thursday, November 3 at 11AM Central

This presentation takes a closer look at flower morphology and diversity as it relates to pollination. Various systems used by flowers to facilitate pollination are described. Special attention is given to adaptations in flower morphology designed to attract and interact with general or specific pollinators. Flowers signal pollinators with nectar guides, trick insects into visiting flowers by mimicking other organisms, lure pollinators into traps and even have moving floral parts. If you look closely, you can see the magic in flowers. Register Here

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