Virtual Learning


Nursery Management Ask the Experts Virtual Conference
Tuesday, December 1 at 11AM Central

Our Sponsor Exclusive ‘Ask the Experts’ Virtual Conference is a two-part event during which industry-leading technology and solutions providers will share their expertise in product selection, best practices and more as it relates to the ornamental crops. Topics include but are not limited to Automation, Growing Media, Trees and shrubs, Disease Control, Pest Control, Labor, Containers, Perennials and more! REGISTER HERE

Big Grower Executive Webinar 2020
December 3, at 1PM Central

Presenting the third annual Big Grower Executive Webinar! Join us for this complimentary educational experience and hear exclusive insight from Dr. Charlie Hall, Craig Regelbrugge and Dr. Bridget Behe as they examine the up-to-the-minute issues facing our industry and help growers make sense of these complicated topics and how they could influence the industry in the coming year. REGISTER HERE

Business Tech Solutions for the Irrigation Contractor
Monday, December 7 at 1:45PM Central

This seminar will review technology available today and how that can solve common business challenge. The information covered will help attendees recognize new technology solutions for business management, marketing and communication, develop more understanding of what problems these technologies will solve, and takeaway strategies to implement into your business. REGISTER HERE

Business Strategy During the COVID Era (Irrigation Contractor Focus)
Tuesday, December 8 at 1:45PM Central

This seminar will review key strategies to focus your irrigation contracting business when navigating uncertain times. Training will reinforce understanding of important business management principles, emphasize key industry benchmarks and how they are changing during these uncertain times, and offer strategies to implement into your business. REGISTER HERE

Green Roof Irrigation Systems
Tuesday, December 8 at 1:45PM Central

At completion of the course, attendees will be able to recognize equipment and applications that are different than traditional landscape irrigation, and identify key areas and issues that must be considered when installing and maintaining green roof projects. REGISTER HERE

Plant Growth Regulators: Profoundly Powerful Tools for Horticulture Production
Tuesday, December 8 at 1PM Central

Greenhouse Management Magazine and Nursery Management Magazine invite you for a free webinar to learn about plant growth regulators (PGRs), including auxins, cytokinins, gibberellins, abscisic acid, and ethylene, and how these essential compounds impact plant growth and development. In this webinar, you will learn how you can utilize these naturally occurring or synthetic substances in your own professional operations in a sustainable manner, review many of the frequently asked questions and concerns regarding this technology, and discuss how you can adjust growing protocols to take full advantage of the PGR benefits. You will also learn the scientific basics of PGRs and how the use of these substances leads to improved plant quality, and ultimately an improved finished product. Presented by a PGR industry expert, this presentation will also cover the best practices to implement this powerful technology. REGISTER HERE

Online 10-Hour OSHA Construction Safety Course
Wednesday, December 9 at 10am Central OR
Thursday, December 10 at 10am Central

The OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Course is being offered temporarily ONLINE via Zoom due to COVID-19! This important safety course is being offered with a special emphasis for the landscape industry. Students will receive the official 10-Hour Construction completion card and a certificate from NALP. Students must be on-screen and visible the entire 10 hours of instruction to comply with OSHA requirements for the course. Adequate time for breaks will be provided. The instructor will be taking a "snapshot" of participants as further documentation of attendance.  REGISTER HERE

PPA Virtual Edition: Great Garden Tours: Beyond the Landscape with Winter Interest
Wednesday, December 9 at 2pm Central

Plans are underway to showcase unique hardscapes, dazzling lights, inspiring artwork and a festive botanical beverage. Save the date, more details coming soon! REGISTER HERE

Inside the World of Robotic Mowing
Tuesday, December 15 at 12PM Central

Autonomous mowing has become more and more popular in North America in recent years, but will it ever be the norm? That topic, among many others, will be discussed during this panel moderated by Lawn & Landscape editor Brian Horn. Joining Horn will be Logan Fahey, CEO of Robin Autopilot, Jen Lemcke of Turfbot and Monique Pelle-Kunkle, VP of operations at Mowbot. The panel will talk about the positives as well as the challenges of adding robotic mowing as service; how they see the technology evolving; its role in the labor issue and much more. The panel will also take questions from the audience. REGISTER HERE

Dress Your Store for Success with a Proven Winners Destination
Tuesday, December 15 at 1PM Central

Could creating a Proven Winners Destination bring a boost to an underutilized space in your store and help you generate more dollars per square foot? We’ll share examples from a number of retailers across North America who have implemented this program and have been hugely successful. In addition, hear from Sandra Richter of Sandy’s Back Porch in Belleville, Illinois. Sandy has implemented this concept in her garden center, and you’ll have the chance to ask her all about her experience. REGISTER HERE

Urban Tree Conference: Urban Trees for Stormwater Management
Friday, January 8 at 11AM Central

Trees are a valuable asset to nature, but their value is often overlooked in urban settings. The six-day, 18 session virtual Urban Tree Conference for industry professionals and avid gardeners will cover all aspects of urban tree planning, implementation and management. In recent years, cities across the Midwest and the U.S.have emphasized increasing urban canopy cover. The motivation behind these initiatives is clear: trees provide a vast array of highly valued ecosystem services, including stormwater mitigation. As the reliance upon trees to help manage stormwater increases, so does the need to employ a strategic selection of urban trees, to maximize runoff reduction. In this talk, Dr. Asia Dowtin from Michigan State University will explore the structural characteristics of varying tree species that lead to optimal stormwater mitigation, and will provide a prescriptive guide for urban tree selection to help achieve water management goals. REGISTER HERE

Landscape Lighting Conference
January 11 at 11AM Central

The future of landscape lighting is bright! If lighting is part of your business — or if you want it to be — this virtual landscape lighting conference is for you. Hear from experts in lighting as they discuss the latest trends and best practices used in the industry and see which products are put in the spotlight during our lighting product showcase. REGISTER HERE

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