Virtual Learning


IGIA Virtual Meeting with CRTI Team
Tuesday, January 12 at 1PM Central

Join IGIA and the Chicago Region Trees team to receive important updates on the progress of the project to date.  You'll hear about the new Corporate Sustainability Partnership Program and City Forest Credits Carbon + Impact Certification Programs, the Plant Trees Digital Campaign to launch spring 2021, and projects that have received funding.  This is an important time for us to discuss how IGIA members can get involved, and how to be prepared for the demand created by the initiative in the next 12 months.  WATCH RECORDED MEETING

The Latest Changes to the Paycheck Protection Program: What You Need to Know
Tuesday, January 12 at 2PM Central

Congress recently passed another round of COVID relief, which included numerous changes to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), loan forgiveness, and taxes. Agencies are expected to release regulations around these changes in early January. Join AmericanHort, along with Kala Jenkins & Beth Swanson from K-Coe Isom, one of the nation’s leading agricultural firms specializing in financial matters, as they guide members through the latest changes to PPP loans, taxes, and more as a result of the latest COVID relief package. This webinar is for AmericanHort members only. WATCH RECORDING HERE

Harvest Sit Down with Roger Braswell
Wednesday, January 13 at 12:30PM Central

In the latest edition of the Harvest Leaders’ Sit-Down Series, a virtual, in-depth conversation with business leaders from a variety of industries, Harvester Ed Laflamme sits down with his friend Roger Braswell. You learn what makes Roger tick and what makes him so successful. Those who know Roger are keenly aware of his magnetic personality, charisma and his impeccable reputation.  Although he has accomplished much in business, he has also made the time to give generously to the landscape industry and his community. WATCH RECORDING

5 Tips to Help You Shoot Better Videos
Friday, January 15 at 2pm Central

Today video is central to your ag and landscape outreach and campaign efforts especially when it comes to social media. Video is dominating the social channel and if you are not creating video you are falling behind your competition. Over 50% of your customers are asking for video content now and the video you provide makes a difference in how they view your business. Personalized video is shaping the future of marketing, sales and customer service so you need to learn how to do it well. REGISTER NOW

A Practical Overview of Employee Handbooks
Monday, January 18 at 12:30PM Central

Employee handbooks are legal documents - when written correctly they will reduce owner liability.  If you don’t have one or have a bad one, there is an increase in ownership liability.  Have you ever wondered why your Employee Handbook written in 2016 does not really meet your business goals in 2020?; how an Employee Handbook tailored for your company is better than an Internet template?; or when you realize, after you have been sued, that if you had a better Employee Handbook the lawsuit would not have begun in the first place?  Learn employee handbook best practices from Harvest Partners HR resource Steve Cesare. REGISTER HERE

How to Proactively Communicate Your Value for Business Success
Wednesday, January 20 at 1PM Central

Join us for our next Virtual Meetup, with presenter Adam Griggs, CEO & Founder of Adam will present "How to Proactively Communicate Your Value for Business Success". You'll learn about success indicators used most often in small business, how to simplify your data with visual tools, how to train your team is to be good communicators and resilient, how to pivot proactively together, and how setting and communicating expectations will help to achieve your vision...Register Here

An Interview with Dr. Bridget Behe
Wednesday, January 20 at 1PM Central

Save your seat for the January Women in Horticulture interview with Dr. Bridget Behe to hear her stories of accomplishment and challenges overcome as she's navigated her career. Dr. Behe is an industry leader and Professor of Horticultural Marketing at Michigan State University where she teaches courses on marketing and management for horticulture majors. She has conducted over 100 consumer and market research projects on horticultural products, both edible and ornamental, and written more than 500 publications in the trade press and peer-reviewed journals. REGISTER HERE

Iron Age Designs - Designing with Metal for the Hardscape
Thursday, January 21 at 12PM Central

Metals are ubiquitous in today’s hardscape and are used in a variety of applications. This course will go over the most common materials, their appropriate usage, and various methods of manufacture.  You will also learn more about the process of custom design with the aid of a manufacturer.  The course is eligible for 1.5 PDH and meets LA CES standards of Health, Safety, and Welfare (HSW) subject matter. REGISTER HERE

Curbside Pickup Powerup
Wednesday, January 27 at 1PM Central

In this collaborative workshop, you’ll hear from independent garden center owners who have successfully implemented streamlined curbside pickup and online order/delivery programs without huge budgets. You’ll identify the key components of the programs and begin planning your strategy. Each participant will leave with a personalized, drafted process document that includes assets, software needed, itemized steps, and expected results. REGISTER HERE

Lawn & Landscape Vendor Showcase Virtual Event
Wednesday, February 3 at 11AM Central

If you are looking for the latest information on green industry products, you’ve come to the right place! The Lawn & Landscape Vendor Showcase features the newest products on the market from leading industry suppliers. Register for free and tune in from your truck, home, or office to learn more about the tools that help make you more profitable in 2021! REGISTER HERE

Online Marketing Quick-Start
Wednesday, February 17 at 1PM Central

After this workshop, participants will be ready to start marketing their e-commerce solutions with clear, compelling language and visuals that excite their customers and communicate offerings and processes. Hear real-world examples and work with fellow green-industry business owners to develop your plan of attack. We’ll cover website language to close the sale, using social media effectively with limited time and money, and email marketing made simple. Leave this third and final session with your marketing road map and start creating simple marketing assets so they’re ready and waiting to quickly finalize with changes and updates during the season. REGISTER HERE

Smartphone Photo Tips to Elevate Your Brand
Wednesday, March 10 at 12PM Central

Your cellphone is one of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing tool box, and today it's more important than ever to learn how to use it to take good quality photos. Your images are a reflection of your brand, so don't you want your photos to be as good as possible? In this webinar I will share seven tips for getting stellar photos just by using your phone. Topics will include lighting dos and don'ts, correct way to hold the camera (yes there is a correct way), how to control both exposure and focus, and more. Take your smartphone photos from blah to stellar after implementing my seven tips for better cell phone photos. This session will be helpful for all market attendees: designers, retailers, vendors, showroom managers and more. REGISTER HERE

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