Virtual Learning

Digging into the Science of Tree Planting and Removing Packing Materials
Tuesday, October 19 at 12PM Central

Can you believe not everyone agrees with whether a person should remove or not remove materials (e.g., wire basket and burlap) that hold a soil root ball together? To dig into this question, we used multiple study locations to test how trees respond to full, partial, and no removal of packaging materials. Interestingly, tree survival and growth were excellent regardless of removal treatment. Trees were also pulled to failure with similar outcomes regardless of treatment. The ramifications of study results will be put in context with key aspects of tree planting and establishment practices. REGISTER HERE

October Women in Horticulture Interview- Micky Byland and Amy Morris
Wednesday, October 20 at 2PM Central

We are pleased to announce our October Women in Horticulture interview guests are sisters Micky Byland and Amy Morris of N.G. Heimos Greenhouses located in Millstadt, IL. Two of the nine siblings in the Heimos family, Micky and Amy have spent their professional careers in the green industry and are actively involved with industry organizations. Join us to learn about the keys to successfully working in a family business, and how these two sisters have grown their profession and become industry leaders. They will share advice for anyone seeking a rewarding career in horticulture. REGISTER HERE

Creating a Culture of Attraction
Thursday, October 21 at 1PM Central

The current work environment has been more challenged than ever to attract top talent to the green industry businesses, along with many other industries in North America. Join John as he explores what employees are looking for as they seek new employment or look for a career change from their existing jobs. Knowing how to build a culture of attraction is an inside job, and having your current employees become your most raving recruiters is vital to the success of building a world-class team. REGISTER HERE

The Next 5 Years: How to Set a Vision and Achieve your Goals
Friday, October 22 at 1PM Central

Rob Sproule will walk you through the process of setting a five-year strategic plan, breaking it down into achievable goals for each year and each quarter. From achieving the honesty you need with your team to keeping your business on track, you’ll leave with long-term business goals and the right roadmap to get there. REGISTER HERE

Creating a Culture of Retention
Thursday, October 28 at 1PM Central 

Studies show that what motivates employees today is not what motivated them just five years ago. Knowing the right approach and mindset to the retention of top talent is vital to your ability to reduce turnover, enhance longevity, and retain the great folks that swing for the fence each day for you and your business. Also important is the ability to weed out the underperformers and make room for the achievers to grow. Strong leadership and accountability are a few of the many qualities John will address in this customized workshop. REGISTER HERE

Zero to E-Commerce
Thursday, October 28 at 1PM Central

The first workshop in the E-Commerce Mastery Series is designed to help you understand the various e-commerce platforms available to small and large businesses alike. If new to this business, you will learn what questions to ask as you evaluation e-commerce programs and if you’re already doing online sales, you’ll uncover ideas to optimize your operations. You will also learn how to hire both short- and long-term associates with the skills needed to support this business. You will be given tools to help evaluate your product offering, your online operations, including space for inventory, and how to successfully staff to meet your customer demands. Participants will leave with an outline specific to their own business to start implementing operational changes immediately.REGISTER HERE

Curbside Pickup Powerup
Wednesday, November 3 at 1PM Central

The second workshop in the E-Commerce Mastery Series focuses on curbside pickup. While many garden centers started curbside pickup because of the global pandemic, this new shopping trend is here to stay. In this collaborative workshop, you’ll hear from independent garden center owners who have successfully implemented streamlined curbside pickup and online order/delivery programs without blowing the budget. You’ll identify the key components of a successful curbside pickup programs and have a chance to start planning for or optimizing your own curbside program. Each participant will leave with a personalized, drafted process document that includes a list of assets, software needs and the itemized steps to take to achieve your desired results. REGISTER HERE

If the Shoe Fits: Anne Obarski
Thursday, November 4 at 1PM Central

We are all part of a $1.5 trillion economy, that is one click away from being tempted by the competition. Consumers used to be much more forgiving, often giving 3 strikes before you were out. Now your customers can leave you with one mistake, one blunt conversation or a slow website response! What is your company’s touchpoint score? Are you aware of where you must put your focus to avoid any and all parts of your customer service delivery falling through that lethal crack? REGISTER HERE

Marketing Quick Start
Wednesday, November 10 at 1PM Central

The final workshop in the E-Commerce Mastery Series focuses on how to gain a quick start to your E-Commerce business. After this workshop, participants will be ready to start marketing their ecommerce solutions with clear, compelling language and visual communications that will excite their customers about product offerings and shopping processes. Hear real-word examples and work with fellow green-industry business owners to develop your plan of attack. We’ll cover website language to close the sale, how to use social media effectively with limited time and money and review simple ways to get the most out of your email marketing efforts. Leave this session with a marketing road map and start creating simple marketing assets that can be quickly and easily updated with changes to support each season. REGISTER HERE

Growing Trees in Paved Sites
Tuesday, November 16 at 12PM Central 

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Creating a Culture of Engagement
Thursday, November 18 at 1PM Central 

Alignment of employees towards a common goal or objective is the key to creating a culture of engagement. Whether it’s driving the average transaction, reducing your labor/sales ratio, or improving upon your Five Star Commitments to your customers, “Creating a Line of One Culture” will bring your employee engagement results higher and higher which in turn will allow you to hire and hire! REGISTER HERE

The Step-by-Step Marketing Plan
Friday, November 19 at 1PM Central 

Now that you have your business goals and know the right metrics to track, Rob will help you build a step-by-step marketing strategy that fits your unique business model and five-year goals. Rob will discuss ways to determine what’s working, what isn’t and how to know the difference. REGISTER HERE

Vaccines, Plants and Dollars: The Year in Review
Friday, December 3 at 1PM Central

In this webinar, Dr. Charlie Hall, AmericanHort chief economist, will discuss how the year 2021 turned out for growers in the green industry supply chain, the current economic conditions, the status of the lingering effects of COVID-19, and the outlook for spring 2022. He will also incorporate a discussion of the structural changes already brought about by the pandemic and the business responses and key success factors that will influence success in the future green and horticulture industry marketplace. You don’t want to miss this webinar as you try to determine your best strategic path forward. REGISTER HERE

Creating an Accountable Core Team
Thursday, January 13 at 1PM Central

You know where you want your business to go and how you can get there, but you’re not going anywhere if your management team isn’t 100% on board. In this webinar, Rob will show you how to hold your team accountable for quarterly goals as part of your 5-year vision, and how to make sure everyone is walking on the same road. From the importance of overcommunication to consequences when goals aren’t met, you’ll learn the tools you need to put your plan into action effectively. REGISTER HERE


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