Virtual Learning

CFAP Webinar: A Focus on the Horticulture Industry Eligibility and How to Apply
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has recently expanded eligibility for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP), as most nursery and floriculture crops now qualify for relief. The program provides direct assistance payments to eligible commodities for which significant losses occurred due to pandemic-related market disruption. The application period has been extended until September 11. VIEW RECORDING


2020 Midwest Tree and Shrub Conference (Virtual): Diverse Plantings for a Resilient Future
Thursday, September 17 and September 24

In this two-day online conference on the selection and care of Midwestern trees, shrubs, and woody plants, leading designers and plant experts will help you rethink the way you choose and manage trees and shrubs. The program will be held during two Thursday morning sessions and will include lively presentations of the best new information on the selection and care of hardy, versatile trees and shrubs.  LEARN MORE

A Practical Overview of Employee Handbooks
Monday, September 21 at 12:30PM Central

Employee handbooks are legal documents - when written correctly they will reduce owner liability.  If you don’t have one or have a bad one, there is an increase in ownership liability. Why your Employee Handbook written in 2016 does not really meet your business goals in 2020? How an Employee Handbook tailored for your company is better than an Internet template? When you realize, after you have been sued, that if you had a better Employee Handbook the lawsuit would not have begun in the first place? REGISTER HERE

Retail Marketing Trends from the "Road"
Tuesday, September 22 at 1PM Central

Proven Winners retail account managers Jessica DeGraaf and Meghan Owens are on the road—or these days, on ZOOM—visiting and communicating daily with IGC customers across North America. In this webinar, they will share trends they have spotted this year and what’s coming up in 2021 so you can be on top of your game with the best on-trend products and services for spring. REGISTER HERE

The Business Impact of Marketing - Part I: What Happens if I Invest or Cut?
Wednesday, September 23 at 10:30AM Central

This 3 part webinar series will focus on how you should think about marketing, how to think about making investments in marketing and how to measure its success. Part I will focus on what happens if I invest or Cut.  We will talk about ways to evaluate your programs and vendors so that you reach the business goals you set out to achieve. The webinar is presented by Rand Inc - experienced business professionals, with deep knowledge of the industry, who will share success stories and pitfalls of companies that made emotional decisions on marketing vs. looking at strategy, customers and analytics.  REGISTER HERE

Case Study: How Craig Made $159,046+ During COVID
Wednesday, September 23 at 1:30PM Central

159,046. Real. Cold. Hard. Dollars. From his website to high quality leads who found him on the internet. This is NOT some newfangled website metric - it's what matters: cold hard dollars in the bank. Find out EXACTLY what one NALP Member put on his website to generate this incredible business result and during the weirdest time of selling in human history. Find out what you need to do THIS fall to get this result next spring. Presented by NALP Member, Amazon Best-Selling Author, and the host of The Landscaper's Guide to Modern Sales and Marketing Podcast Jack Jostes. Includes live website reviews for a select number of live webinar attendees. REGISTER HERE

Bareroot Tree Speed to Market: Picking the Right Liner for the Right Situation
Wednesday, September 30 at 10AM Central

Maximizing crop turns is essential to your business’ bottom line but can be a challenge with long-term crops such as trees. Understanding available liner options and how to efficiently utilize them in your production setting can have a dramatic impact. This session is led by Bailey’s Production General Managers to offer insight into our learnings so that you can balance speed to market with high-quality outputs.  

Webinar: Creating a New Urban Forest
Wednesday, September 30 at 1PM Central

Trees are on the forefront of climate change mitigation, human health, and social justice. Their importance cannot be understated. However, it can be difficult to fund, plant and support more trees. DuPage County has worked to overcome many of these obstacles at their 202-acre government campus. What used to be a monoculture landscape is now a hotbed of diversity. From trees, to funding, to an Arboretum level status, the campus has made vast improvements with more in the pipeline to continue to increase the tree canopy. Join Andi Dierich, the DuPage County Environmental Coordinator, for this presentation that will have some tips and ideas for those planting a single tree to folks planting hundreds. REGISTER HERE

LANDSCAPES 2020: The Virtual Experience
October 20-22

This year's conference provides next-level strategies for your whole team of landscape, lawn care, or green industry professionals! Now more than ever, landscape and lawn care businesses need new solutions to adapt and grow. Through our education and networking sessions, you'll find innovative ways to optimize your leadership skills, operations, financial management, sales and marketing, company culture, and safety...REGISTER HERE

Tips from the Pros: Creating Social Media Connections
Tuesday, October 20 at 1pm Central

How do you continue to build relationships with customers and motivate them to shop at a time when they are nervous about leaving their house? You must meet them where they are, acknowledge the times we are living through, and help them find a way to keep on growing what they love. As huge numbers of new gardeners enter the market, reaching them through social media is of critical importance as it is often the first place they seek advice. In this webinar, our 3-person panel of social media specialists will share their tips on how they have built meaningful connections with customers, give practical advice on managing the workload, and advice on best practices. Special focus will be given to Instagram as it continues to see exponential growth and holds great potential with the next generation of plant enthusiasts. REGISTER HERE

Managing Temperature, Humidity and Light for Greenhouse Vegetables
Tuesday, October 27 at 1PM Central

We call them controlled environments, but it’s not easy to keep environmental parameters in check for optimum plant growth. This webinar will cover common control strategies for heating, cooling, dehumidifying, and lighting and the pros and cons of simple thermostat control to integrated control systems. Uniformity within the greenhouse environment is the growers best friend in terms of keeping crop schedules on track and avoiding labor intensive management. Unfortunately we often encounter variability in the growing environment. We’ll provide tips to reduce environmental variability within the greenhouse to improve crop performance and reduce disease pressure. REGISTER HERE

4 IGC Success Stories from Spring 2020: Online Sales and Curbside Service Practices that Worked
Tuesday, November 17 at 1PM Central

What a year 2020 has been for retailers! Unprecedented times called for heroic efforts by IGCs across North America this spring. While many stores quickly got their inventory up to take orders online, their staff also devised creative ways to conduct curbside pickup and delivery services, in many cases for the first time ever. In this webinar, we’ll hear from four IGCs. These panelists will share their stories of what worked and what didn’t, and which new practices they plan to continue with in 2021. Come prepared with questions! REGISTER HERE

Cultivate '20 Virtual
For nearly 100 years, Cultivate has been known as THE event for every segment of the green industry. As the source of best practices, new plant varieties and product innovation, Cultivate’20 Virtual is the place to network with old colleagues and meet new ones. ACCESS RESOURCES & RECORDINGS

How to Sell Landscape Virtually

Selling landscaping work has radically changed in a short period of time. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt in how we communicate. You, your customers, and prospects are becoming more and more comfortable with this. So how do you sell landscape work over video? LEARN MORE

Irrigation Professionals - Full Series of Webinars from Hunter

Julie Damage Prevention Toolbox Talks

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Greenhouse Grower Shop Talk
Greenhouse Grower - AmericanHort and the United Fresh Produce Association have both been extremely active in the last month in helping members of their respective associations stay viable during the COVID-19 pandemic. In a Greenhouse Grower exclusive "Shop Talk" video, AmericanHort President and CEO Ken Fisher and United Fresh President and CEO Tom Stenzel recently sat down to discuss what they are hearing from growers and supply partners across their industries. WATCH VIDEO

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