Virtual Learning


Unilock Online Educational Series
February 2 - March 4

Unilock will host its Unilock Boots Online, an online hardscaping educational series designed to provide contractors with tips, techniques and know-how. The one-hour sessions run from Feb. 2 through March 4 and are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 11 a.m. EST. With a variety of concise programs presented over a period of weeks, Unilock experts from across North America will offer attendees best practices, installation demos and more. Registration is free. REGISTER HERE

Midwest Solutions Pro Series: Perennial Drama - New Stars Take the Stage with Well-Known Thespians and Supporting Actors
Friday, February 26 at 10AM Central

Join Karla Patterson-Lynch as she explains how directing the siting and combination of your “actors” boils down to three key elements: your design intent, the specific site givens and the design characteristics that you will combine to create your drama. This webinar is for green industry professionals only. REGISTER HERE

PrescriptionSOIL Solutions: A Revolutionary Tool to Increase Sales, Revenues & Profits
Thursday, March 4 at 2PM Central

Join this webinar for a rare opportunity to learn about PrescriptionSOIL Solutions’ fully automated, user-friendly SoilWIZARD tool to help lawn and garden center retail stores make recommendations with their nutrient and soil amendment products. The presentation speakers are Kip Connelly, owner of PrescriptionSOIL Solutions; Neil Wood, Chief Technology Officer at Adapify, Inc.; and Tim Fennell, Director of Operations at PrescriptionSOIL Solutions. REGISTER HERE

Midwest Solutions: Hydrangeas: The Differences and Our Favorites
Friday, March 5 at 10AM Central

Learn about the six main types of hydrangea species that thrive in North American and can be planted with success. We’ll also share some of our favorites!  This webinar is for green industry professionals only. REGISTER HERE

Surround Yourself with Shady Characters: Modern Hosta Hybridizing, Introductions & Practical Production Tips
Wednesday, March 10 at 10AM Central

Hosta are a mainstay of shade gardens and regularly rank among the most popular perennials in production today, and that popularity shows no sign of going anywhere but up. If you want to know what’s new in the world of hostas or get some culture tips to boost your production, this is the webinar for you!  Register Here

Seeing Red? Problems With and Management Options for Redheaded Flea Beetles in Nurseries
Wednesday, March 10 at 10AM Central

This presentation will briefly cover insect phenology for the mid-Atlantic and how it has provided some guidance with management in the southeast. There will also be discussion regarding larva and adult activity in relation to growing degree days and plant phenological indicators. Host plants fed on by the beetle will be discussed, and recent observations in the selection from different species and cultivars of Hydrangea. You will hear about feeding preference trials conducted in the field and laboratory between different species of plants other than hydrangea. In this session we will discuss timing of different management options for the flea beetle larvae and adult stages. Insecticide efficacy trial evaluations will be shared and discussed. Additionally, we will discuss the successes, limitations, challenges and potential for biological control and entomopathogens in pest control. REGISTER HERE

Surround Yourself with Shady Characters: Modern Hosta Hybridizing, Introductions & Practical Production Tips
Wednesday, March 10 at 12PM Central

I’ve always thought you were supposed to avoid shady characters, but over the years I’ve learned that it’s okay to surround yourself or your house with hostas. Ever wonder how these beautiful plants are developed? Join world-renowned plant breeder Hans Hansen of Walters Gardens as he discusses what traits he looks for when breeding and selecting new hostas. Laura Robles also from Walters Gardens will anchor the event and share many cultural and production pointers you can use to produce these shady characters. REGISTER HERE

Smartphone Photo Tips to Elevate Your Brand
Wednesday, March 10 at 12PM Central

Your cellphone is one of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing tool box, and today it's more important than ever to learn how to use it to take good quality photos. Your images are a reflection of your brand, so don't you want your photos to be as good as possible? In this webinar I will share seven tips for getting stellar photos just by using your phone. Topics will include lighting dos and don'ts, correct way to hold the camera (yes there is a correct way), how to control both exposure and focus, and more. Take your smartphone photos from blah to stellar after implementing my seven tips for better cell phone photos. This session will be helpful for all market attendees: designers, retailers, vendors, showroom managers and more. REGISTER HERE

Midwest Solutions: Plants You Should Use More Ofte
Friday, March 12 at 10AM Central

In this webinar, join Shannon McEnerney and Nikki Melin as they take a look at some of their favorite plants that are underutilized in the landscape. This webinar is for green industry professionals only. REGISTER HERE

Boxwood Blight: A 15-Year Love-Hate Relationship
Thursday, March 18 at 12PM Central

German researchers have been working on boxwood blight since it first appeared in Germany in the summer of 2004. Initial cultivar trials indicated that there were large differences in susceptibility. This resulted in a series of horticultural trials, on the one hand on the susceptibility of Buxus species and cultivars, and on the other hand on alternative woody plants as substitutes for boxwood. In parallel, many trials on the suitability of fungicides have been running since 2005, both in vitro and in the field. In addition, the trials have repeatedly tested preparations that were considered as alternatives for chemical plant protection. Furthermore, we monitored the occurrence of the two blight pathogens, Calonectria pseudonaviculata and C. henricotiae, and examined other host plants - Pachysandra and Sarcococca in trials. This talk will summarize the 15-years of research results and share the successes and difficulties of blight control in gardens and parks in Germany. REGISTER HERE

Midwest Solutions: Plants for Tough Situations
Friday, March 19 at 10AM Central

In this webinar, join Shannon McEnerney and Nikki Melin as they take a look at four “tough” situations and share some plants that will thrive. This webinar is for green industry professionals only. REGISTER HERE

Women in Horticulture Interview Series: Dr. Mary Meyer
Wednesday, March 24 at 1PM Central

AmericanHort welcomes Dr. Mary Meyer as the Women in Horticulture guest for March 2021. Dr. Meyer joined the University of Minnesota in 1994 taking an Extension, teaching, and research appointment. In January 2021, Dr. Meyer became a professor emeritus and continues as the curator of the Grass Collection. REGISTER HERE

Midwest Solutions: Best Natives for the Residential Landscape
Friday, March 26 at 10AM Central 

Often considered “wild” and “unwieldy”, learn about natives that are aesthetically pleasing and can be used in manageable combinations in a residential garden. This webinar is for green industry professionals only. REGISTER HERE

Plant Benefits or Features: Which Cue is More Effective?
Thursday, April 15 at 12PM Central

Better understanding consumer behavior, preferences, and trends is a key HRI research priority. In 2020, Dr. Bridget Behe built upon her previous research that showed younger customers were more likely to purchase a branded plant – even when identical to a non-branded plant – and that consumers in general want more information on signs because they cannot ascertain plant attributes by looking at it. In this session, Dr. Behe will review new research findings from her study looking at which benefits resonate best with which type of consumers. REGISTER HERE


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