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Bridget BeheThe Art and Science of Pricing Products

Dr. Bridget K. Behe, Ph.D
Michigan State University 

There is more to pricing than simply calculating costs. Bridget will discuss some pricing concepts and share some research-based findings on how consumers react to pricing in communications. Price increases are always a concern. The presentation includes some ways for you to consider increasing prices that consumers will accept.

Lawson ThalmannTechnology Transformation: What Can We Learn From Chalet?

Lawson Thalmann

Chalet was a pioneer and early adopter of eCommerce in the Garden Center industry back in 2017. It hasn't been without challenges, but the hard work to overcome those challenges has yielded a tremendous improvement to the customer experience and a competitive advantage to Chalet. Lawson Thalmann tells this story and what you can learn from it. 



Timothy_HowardKeys to Successfully Selling Plants Online

Timothy Howard
Clarity Connect, Inc

We will review a number of retail garden centers that have implemented online plant sales for pickup or local delivery. An equal amount of time will be spent on both the customer-facing website functionality as well as back-office operations critical to being able to process online orders efficiently. This will include small 'mom and pop' garden centers to larger more complex operations.

Jessica DeGraafRetail Marketing Trends from the Road

Jessica DeGraaf
Proven Winners

Jessica spends most of her time visiting and communicating with independent garden centers across North America. In this presentation, she will share trends spotted throughout the year and talk about what’s coming in 2022 so you can be on top of your game with the best on-trend products and services for spring.

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