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Commercial Pesticide Use in Illinois

State law requires anyone in Illinois who wishes to purchase or apply restricted use pesticides to be licensed.  In addition, anyone applying a restricted or general use pesticide for hire or in the course of employment must have a license.  Persons applying restricted-use pesticides on property they own or control must have a private applicator license. Persons applying general-use pesticides on their own property are exempt from licensing requirements. 

It is the responsibility of the Illinois Department of Agriculture to certify and license people applying pesticides outdoors and in agricultural production. The University of Illinois Extension - Pesticide Safety Education Program provides training and study materials in support of this program. LEARN MORE

Irrigation Contractors

Illinois law requires every irrigation contractor to have at least one employee on staff that has successfully completed the initial 16-hour certification course.  As long as that employee remains with your company, the 16-hour course does not need to be retaken.  If that employee leaves your company, you have to have another employee complete the 16-hour training certification.

Each subsequent year following completion of the 16-hour initial training, a 4-hour refresher course must be completed.  If you do not complete this 4-hour refresher course annually and file the appropriate paperwork with the Illinois Department of Public Health, you are at risk of losing your license and registration to do irrigation work in Illinois.

We will provide you with a certificate of completion at the end of the course.  You are required to complete the appropriate paperwork and send that certificate to the IDPH.  More information on the requirements can be found at

Illinois Department of Public Health
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Illinois Nursery Inspection Program

Nurseries and nursery dealers are subject to state and federal restrictions and annual registration managed by the Illinois Department of Agriculture. The inspection of our nurseries and plant dealers benefits both industry and consumers by ensuring pest and disease-free plant stock.  To learn more about the requirements CLICK HERE

Landscape Architects

Illinois Landscape Architecture Act of 1989 (225 ILCS 315/) - Click Here
Illinois Landscape Architecture Act - JCAR Administrative Code - Click Here
Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) - Landscape Architect License Lookup

IMPORTANT: Continuing Education Requirements - Section 1275.65

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation
320 West Washington St, 3rd Floor
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Professional Licensing: 800-560-6420
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