Plants Day

On day one of InVigorateU, we bring everybody together - nursery growers & greenhouses, landscape professionals, arborists, garden center retailers, educators & students, governmental entities and other industry partners - and focus on the centerpiece around which our entire industry revolves: plants, plants and more plants! 

InVigorateU PlantsDay



Attention Landscape Architects: 
All sessions are approved for LACES credits.


Bridget BehePlant Benefits or Features: Which Cue is more Effective 

LACES Approved, 1.0 Non-HSW

Dr. Bridget K. Behe, Ph.D.
Michigan State University

Motivations for buying plants changed in the height of the pandemic. Why consumers bought plants this year and last year is an interesting comparison. Bridget shares new research about plant purchase motivations from 2020 and 2021. Whether you are a grower, wholesaler, nursery, landscaper, or retailer, these insightful research findings can help you better connect with your consumers in the coming months.

Dan PotterBees, Pesticides and Politics: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Urban Landscapes 

LACES Approved, 1.0 HSW

Dr. Daniel Potter
University of Kentucky 

Dr. Dan Potter will offer perspective on why bees and other pollinators are in peril, the role of insecticides and other factors in pollinator decline, and how as green industry professionals we can work with consumers to safeguard pollinators when managing pests of lawns and landscapes. Pollinator conservation initiatives that can benefit growers, garden centers, and land care professionals will be discussed, as well as best woody plants supporting bees and other pollinators.

Kurt Dreisilker

Public Gardens Serve as Sentinels Against Invasive Plants

LACES Approved, 1.0 HSW

Kurt Dreisilker
The Morton Arboretum

Public Gardens experience plants that escape from cultivation on their property, which can be an early signal of concern for plant taxa not widely known to be invasive. This underutilized resource is now pulling together to share resources and collect observations from their experiences to help prevent plant invasions.  


Kris Bachtell

Conifer Challenges & Choices for the Future

LACES Approved, 1.0 HSW

Kris Bachtell
The Morton Arboretum

Throughout the Midwest landscape conifers are being challenged by increased disease and insect pressure. Following a review of these problems, a list of recommended and other potentially useful conifers will be presented.


Ginny HodgsonWhat’s (Plant) Love Got To Do With It?

LACES Approved, 1.0 HSW

Ginny Hodgson
Ball Horticultural Company

The last two years, although very profitable for our industry, have presented challenges we could never have imagined. Staffing, supply chain, inflation, and more are stretching everyone to the brink.  That’s why making the right plant choices and protecting our margins have never been more important.  In this presentation, Ginny will talk about why we should be talking to customers about the best of the best items in every product line so that our customers are achieving greater success and we can move higher margin plants. Part of this discussion will include exciting new and underused plants, but we also will talk about how we get in our own way when it comes to pricing and how the customer perceives the value of what’s being presented to them. 

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