Virtual Learning

Why Do Some Trees Transplant Better Than Others? A Look At Some New Research on Water Uptake

Tuesday, June 22 at 12PM Central 

Nursery producers and landscape managers have known that some trees transplant better than others. This has the unintended result of reducing the production and specification of some desirable but “difficult” species  in favor of more “tried and true” trees. Among other factors this has supported the lack of diversity in the managed landscape. We will discuss some of the evidence that influences transplanting success, specifically: size (age), season of planting, production method and water uptake. REGISTER HERE

A Three Pronged Approach to Understanding the Defensive Mechanisms in Green Ash Resistant to EAB
Tuesday, July 27 at 12PM Central 

More information coming soon! 

Get More from Your Growing Media
Tuesday, June 29 at 12PM Central

Growing media is an important part of crop production. It's the foundation for starting and producing quality crops. Understanding the chemical, physical and biological properties of growing media will help you to select the best growing medium for your particular crop needs. REGISTER HERE

Long Term Effects of Electrical Right-of-Way Vegetation Management on Floral and Faunal Communities 
Tuesday, September 14 at 12PM Central 

More information coming soon!

Digging into the Science of Tree Planting and Removing Packing Materials
Tuesday, October 19 at 12PM Central

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Growing Trees in Paved Sites
Tuesday, November 16 at 12PM Central 

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