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CRTI Eradication Innovation Virtual Panel
Wednesday, December 1 at 11AM Central

45% of our region’s tree canopy is invasive species! Participate in our free virtual panel of speakers presenting on innovative approaches to inspiring invasive species removal. You’ll learn about a callery pear buy back program, inspiring neighbors to join the [email protected] program, using the Miyawaki method to prevent growth of invasives, and more. REGISTER HERE

Indoor and Outdoor Lifestyle Trends
Wednesday, December 1 at 12PM Central

In this webinar, you’ll hear from influencers, designers and trend experts who will reveal how consumers are using plants indoors; how you can use color stories to connect with consumers; and how the blending of the indoor and outdoor space will influence plant purchases. Keeping up with indoor and outdoor design trends is vital to the green industry. Knowing what colors, textures, or finishes the consumer desires most will help you improve plant sales and target your marketing. Join us for this series of short presentations and gain important takeaways for your business! REGISTER HERE

Big Grower Executive Webinar: Outlook 2022: What's on the Horizon in the Coming Year for the Economy, Consumers and Legislation
Thursday, December 2 at 1PM Central

Hear exclusive insight from industry leaders as they examine the up=to-the-minute issues facing our industry and help growers make sense of these complicated topics and how they could influence the industry in the coming year. Speakers include Dr. Charlie Hall, Craig Regelbrugge, and Bridget Behe. REGISTER HERE

Vaccines, Plants and Dollars: The Year in Review
Friday, December 3 at 1PM Central

In this webinar, Dr. Charlie Hall, AmericanHort chief economist, will discuss how the year 2021 turned out for growers in the green industry supply chain, the current economic conditions, the status of the lingering effects of COVID-19, and the outlook for spring 2022. He will also incorporate a discussion of the structural changes already brought about by the pandemic and the business responses and key success factors that will influence success in the future green and horticulture industry marketplace. You don’t want to miss this webinar as you try to determine your best strategic path forward. REGISTER HERE

Women in Horticulture December 2021
Tuesday, December 7 at 1PM Central

Meet Joan Dudney, Marketing Manager of Little Prince of Oregon Nursery, a leading nursery grower in the upper Northwest located in Aurora, Oregon. Joan is a “career switcher” getting into horticulture after a successful career leading an independent medical evaluation company. While the medical industry job created frequent travel opportunities to Alaska, the high stress job and a serious health diagnosis presented Joan with an opportunity to re-evaluate her career. Her love of gardening and the peace she found from being in the outdoors prompted her to get a horticulture degree from a two-year program at Clackamas Community College. A single mom of three, she received her horticulture degree and then used an unorthodox approach to getting her first job at Bizon Nursery. After really learning about the industry during her time at Bizon Nursery who specialized in dwarf conifers, specialty conifers and Japanese Maple trees, Joan learned of Little Prince of Oregon Nursery and believed it was a place she would like to work. Joan will share more about how she landed this dream position with the team to start their online store three years ago. Today she is the leading force in their marketing efforts. Come hear more about how Joan persevered when life threw her a curveball and how she successfully navigated a career transition. REGISTER HERE

Creating an Accountable Core Team
Thursday, January 13 at 1PM Central

You know where you want your business to go and how you can get there, but you’re not going anywhere if your management team isn’t 100% on board. In this webinar, Rob will show you how to hold your team accountable for quarterly goals as part of your 5-year vision, and how to make sure everyone is walking on the same road. From the importance of overcommunication to consequences when goals aren’t met, you’ll learn the tools you need to put your plan into action effectively. REGISTER HERE


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