Virtual Learning


Managing Temperature, Humidity and Light for Greenhouse Vegetables
Tuesday, October 27 at 1PM Central

We call them controlled environments, but it’s not easy to keep environmental parameters in check for optimum plant growth. This webinar will cover common control strategies for heating, cooling, dehumidifying, and lighting and the pros and cons of simple thermostat control to integrated control systems. Uniformity within the greenhouse environment is the growers best friend in terms of keeping crop schedules on track and avoiding labor intensive management. Unfortunately we often encounter variability in the growing environment. We’ll provide tips to reduce environmental variability within the greenhouse to improve crop performance and reduce disease pressure. REGISTER HERE

Online Panel Discussion to Address How to Keep New Gardeners Involved in Gardening
Wednesday, October 28 at 2PM Central

This year has been full of surprises, including a surge of new gardeners in the wake of COVID-19. A panel of industry experts will present “Keeping New Gardeners Involved in Gardening” to show how their organizations are addressing this influx of consumers and discuss strategies growers and retailers can adopt to keep new gardeners involved in gardening.  Using data from the National Garden Bureau survey, the presenters will break down WHY people are turning to gardening. Information on new customer demographics will provide insight into WHERE we can engage new gardeners.
Case studies from inside and outside the green industry offer lessons on HOW to communicate to new audiences and help them find success. The panel with finish with a Q&A session to address audience questions and continue the discussion. REGISTER HERE


How a Well-Designed Automation System Can Contribute to Increased Yield and Quality in Crop Production
Thursday, October 29 at 12PM Central

Environmental control systems have proven to be a key element for indoor and greenhouse growers, helping users to improve plant quality and control temperature and other variables. They are crucial for the collection of useful data and an important labor saving tool; however, only well designed systems will bring the operation to optimal levels. Join us and our panel of experts from Argus Controls on this webinar to learn the advantages and how to optimize your automation system.  REGISTER HERE

Capturing a Different Customer--The Curated Plants Program
Thursday, October 29 at 1PM Central

2020 has been a year filled with challenges.. Many are innovating by using this unique time to strategize on how the challenges they are faced with can turn into opportunities of growth for their company and clients alike. But how do you do this and stay true to your current practices and accounts while also captivating and servicing your new customer base? The Oakland Green Interiors team has done...Read More

Irrigation Association Hosting Free Irrigation 20/20 Webinar
Friday, October 30 at 11AM Central

IA Industry Development Director John Farner will emcee the program that will include two panel discussions. The opening session will focus on current challenges and opportunities within the Irrigation Association. Participants will hear insight from current IA President Jon Topham, CAIS, CID; incoming IA President Bryan Wynen, CIC, CLIA, CLWM; and moderator IA CEO Deborah Matterson Hamlin, CAE, FASAE. This will be followed by an expert panel discussing the future of the industry in a post-COVID-19 world and the biggest obstacles the irrigation industry faces in 2021. REGISTER HERE

Proven Winners Landscape Webinar Series
November 2, 4, 6, 2020

The first presenter in the series will be John Antonelli, regional sales representative from Four Star Greenhouse, who will present a program called “Stunning new Proven Winners annuals to enhance your landscape.”  Warren Goroqitz will follow with “Smart Irrigation — Can technology make our jobs easier and improve our landscape?” Goroqitz has been instrumental in spearheading sustainability programs throughout the green industry, and served as the 2018 president of the Irrigation Association in Fairfax, Virginia. The program concludes on Friday, Nov. 6, with a one-hour program titled “Successful Landscape Design Using Proven Winners, which will be delivered by Leigh McGonagle, a Proven Winners certified landscape professional and owner of Poplar Point Studio in Monrovia, New York. REGISTER HERE

AmericanHort DIG Virtual Conference
November 3-5, 2020

Take Your Integrated Pest Management & PGR Strategies to the Next Level. Join us online at the AmericanHort DIG Conference! You’ll experience in-depth education on Disease, Insect, and Growth regulator management, meet industry peers, and learn the latest strategies and best practices in pest control, plant health, and PGRs. You’ll walk away with an expanded green industry network and actionable solutions for the challenges you are facing in your operation. REGISTER HERE

An Easy Approach to Sensible Social Media Presence: How to Keep Social Media Platforms from Taking Over Your Life and Business
Thursday, November 5 at 6PM Central

Dee Nash and Carol Michel both felt overwhelmed and exhausted, seemingly stuck on a never-ending merry-go-round, rotating through various social media platforms, constantly adding new content and struggling to keep up with the content of others. So, they each took a social media break, also known as a digital detox. For 45 days, they stopped checking social media and began a journey to claim back their time, energy, and lives from social media. In this webinar, they will share what they learned from the digital detox, strategies for a more deliberate and straightforward approach to managing you social media presence, and alternatives to social media for promoting your brand and business. REGISTER HERE

Urban Forestry & COVID-19 -- Looking Ahead to 2021
Thursday, November 12 at 10AM Central

The Illinois Arborist Association (IAA) and the Chicago Region Trees Initiative (CRTI) invite you to participate in the second Urban Forestry Forum on: COVID-19 impacts to budget projections for 2021, how to present the state of the urban forest to your community leadership, and an overview of potential funding opportunities available across the State of Illinois. Space is limited and advance registration is required.  REGISTER HERE

3 IGC Success Stories from Spring 2020: Online Sales and Curbside Service Practices that Worked
Tuesday, November 17 at 1PM Central

What a year 2020 has been for retailers! Unprecedented times called for heroic efforts by IGCs across North America this spring. While many stores quickly got their inventory up to take orders online, their staff also devised creative ways to conduct curbside pickup and delivery services, in many cases for the first time ever. In this webinar, we’ll hear from four IGCs. These panelists will share their stories of what worked and what didn’t, and which new practices they plan to continue with in 2021. Come prepared with questions! REGISTER HERE

AmericanHort Virtual Retail Tour
Thursday, November 19 at 1PM Central

Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in video tours and live Q&A sessions as they explore innovative and industry-leading garden centers from around the United States and the world. This unique online experience will explore what makes independent garden centers unique. During each stop’s video tour, attendees will discover the key to excelling with events and education, learn tips for getting their garden center involved in the community, explore ways to diversify their business, and take a special look at how other garden centers do business around the world.  LEARN MORE  

Big Grower Executive Webinar 2020
December 3, at 1PM Central

Presenting the third annual Big Grower Executive Webinar! Join us for this complimentary educational experience and hear exclusive insight from Dr. Charlie Hall, Craig Regelbrugge and Dr. Bridget Behe as they examine the up-to-the-minute issues facing our industry and help growers make sense of these complicated topics and how they could influence the industry in the coming year. REGISTER HERE

Cultivate '20 Virtual

For nearly 100 years, Cultivate has been known as THE event for every segment of the green industry. As the source of best practices, new plant varieties and product innovation, Cultivate’20 Virtual is the place to network with old colleagues and meet new ones. ACCESS RESOURCES & RECORDINGS

How to Sell Landscape Virtually

Selling landscaping work has radically changed in a short period of time. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adapt in how we communicate. You, your customers, and prospects are becoming more and more comfortable with this. So how do you sell landscape work over video? LEARN MORE

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