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Touch Points

Consumers who see a product on sale being virtually touched are more engaged and willing to pay more than if the item is displayed on its own, according to a recent research paper I co-authored ( Behavioral economists have previously shown that people value objects more highly if they own them, a concept known as “the endowment effect.” Marketers have found that this feeling of ownership can occur even when a consumer merely touches something in a store. Read More

Scan-Savvy Signage

It’s very possible that you will soon come to view the QR code as your IGC’s digital assistant. These “Quick Response” graphics were invented in 1994 and were initially used to track automobiles during the manufacturing process. Later, they become common in advertising, and they are frequently seen in print ads or even on billboards. What was once viewed as an odd square with black and white patterns is now widely viewed as an invitation...Read More

A Tactical Look at Social Media Recruiting for Landscapers

Halstead Media has previously explained the importance of social media when it comes to job recruiting; it can boost a company’s ability to find potential job candidates. Halstead specified that with social media, you can broadcast your company’s beliefs, reputation, company culture, and so much more. So, how exactly do you get your company’s name out there? What can you do to spread your company’s...Read More

Reboot Your Blog

Remember 20 years ago when all IGCs scrambled to create and maintain a website? Five years later, we were told that we needed to have a blog, and then just as we started to wrap our minds around that came a video presence on YouTube and then social networking. Most recently, we’ve heard about the importance of newsletters and text campaigns. Even if your IGC has a full-time digital content specialist, it’s hard to keep up or know...Read More

The Importance of Social Media Recruiting

According to Halstead Media, the way our society communicates is continuously changing, and so are potential job candidates. As time passes, Gen Z is beginning to enter the workforce, and Millennials are taking on leadership positions, so when it comes to recruiting employees, putting out flyers on lamp posts and selling ads in the local newspaper just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Read More

Utilizing Instagram Reels for Recruiting

When you’re busy running your lawn or landscape business, staying on top of social media trends might seem like your lowest priority. However, companies like Farmside Landscape & Design, based Wantage, New Jersey, have been able to take a popular social media format, Instagram Reels, and use it to their advantage. “In order to reach the right audience, we need to be seeking them out,” says Emily Seely, administrative assistant for Farmside. Read More

Tap, Swipe, Buy

When Instagram first launched in 2010, it was probably just a blip on most retailers’ radars, chalked up to another social media fad like its Facebook, Twitter and Myspace predecessors. However, Facebook eventually flourished, and the user-friendly interface made marketing a breeze for most garden centers. Even now, most garden centers conduct a fair amount of marketing through Facebook to reach the baby boomer demographic, many of whom...Read More

Lawn Care Corner: Cultivating Marketing and Branding Excellence

If you aren’t happy with your lawn care company’s current marketing and branding, remember you have to start somewhere. “Any downtime is a good opportunity to revisit the brand, but any major changes to the brand need to be thought out and done slowly,” says Vince Torchia, vice president of The Grow Group. “Constantly changing a brand erodes at the value of the brand.” Read More

6 Ways Texting Can Boost Your Business

Whether you are a small-scale business or operate several locations, garden centers can benefit from business text messaging. Did you know that 95% of texts are read within three minutes and the average response time for a text is only 90 seconds? For your garden center, that means adding texting to your communication and marketing strategy can significantly improve customer service and customer relationships...Read More

Keeping Your Brand Fresh

I recently came across a fairly succinct definition of a brand: “The intangible sum of a retailer or product’s attributes: its name, packaging and price positioning, its history, its reputation, and the way it’s advertised.” Your brand helps define who you are, what you offer, the way you operate and what you stand for as a company. Your brand sets expectations for your customers that can be measured based on their experiences with you. And your brand is your calling card to consumers that aren’t currently doing business with you, to help them make the decision to shop your store, if your brand aligns with their personal needs and values. Read More

Green Value Message

The horticulture industry isn’t always great at telling customers about all of the good things they’re doing, agreed panelists Clint Albin, consultant, Bridget Behe, professor of horticultural marketing, Michigan State University, and Maria Zampini, president of UpShoot Horticultural Marketing at Cultivate'21. But IGCs are doing great things for the environment. The panel agreed on four major aspects...Read More

Learn How to Write Clearly to Build Your Brand

Everybody writes, but how many of us write well? Websites, emails and sales agreements all work better when they communicate clearly and concisely. Clear communication is a remarkable skill because it’s uncommon. It comes naturally to a few, but for most of us, daily discipline is necessary to hone the skill. Nowadays, it’s common for emails and texts...Read More

Appeal to the Senses

Shopping is about more than products; it’s about fulfilling emotional needs, said Joe Baer, founder and CEO at ZenGenius at Cultivate’21. Your goal as a retailer is to give customers what they want and make them feel great about buying. What kinds of emotions do you want your customers to feel? That’s where you want to start when you think about experiential marketing. Focus on engaging the senses, increasing loyalty and keep guests coming back, Baer said. Read More

How I Do It: Building A Social Media Brand

Social media is ubiquitous at this point and there are always new platforms rising and falling. You might think it’s not worth investing your time in your social media brand with things constantly changing. Or you might have tried social media branding on some platforms like Facebook but haven’t had the time to make a concentrated effort. Read More

How to Create a Solid Content Marketing Plan for Your Business

A content marketing plan has a crucial role to play in the success of your business. If you’re doing content marketing without a strategy in place, the chances are high that you may not succeed at it. Also, it’s not enough to just have a content plan in place. You also need to document it well. Read More

5 Simple Rules to Boost Your Visual Marketing ROI

Visual marketing is one of the most important components of content marketing and digital marketing generally. Several studies have shown that people respond much better to images, videos and other visual content than they do to just text. Read More

DIY Video and Photography Tips for Building Community and Driving Sales

We’re all visual consumers. Beautiful still photos and captivating moving pictures move us to decide we need that particular plant or product in our lives. But they really can be more than just a beauty shot—they can create a connection. Read More

Writing a Press Release 101

With many new forms of digital and social media, some might think that press releases are outdated and that there are plenty of better ways to share information. Well, what do you think WE have to say about that? While it is true there are many great ways for us to stay connected, press releases are still a great tool for sharing new information with the media. Their purpose and focus have changed over the years...Read More

Digital Dialogue

Katie Elzer-Peters describes herself as “a copywriter specializing in plants, paddle boarding, dabbling in coffee cake and organic pet food, ghost-editing books about how to grow pot hydroponically, and producer of shiny and colorful five-fold brochures.” Along with that, she’s an author of eight books and owner of The Garden of Words, a digital marketing agency that specializes in horticulture. Read More

They Ask, You Answer: 5 Keys To Content Marketing Success

As consumers, we have grown more and more impatient as we search for information online. I’m cursing at a company if I have to wait more than five seconds for their website to load. We’ve been conditioned to believe we can find the answer to any question or problem we may have simply by entering a string of words into a search engine. Got a question? Just Google it. We know we’ll find the answer...Read More

Insta-green: How to get 20,000 Instagram Followers

Mulhall’s joined Instagram in 2014 because the social media platform presented opportunities to interact with customers online. The retail garden center had plenty of pretty plants to photograph, but cultivating followers wasn’t easy. “We were posting about the plants and products that we were excited about,” says Sarah Vanek, education and outreach manager at Mulhall’s...Read More

10 Facebook Statistics Every Marketer Should Know in 2021

The use of Facebook has become part of our routine. We don’t even notice it anymore. We pick up our phones, or open up our laptops, and go straight to Facebook to see what’s going on. In fact, Facebook has entered our lives so effortlessly, that at this point it’s hard to imagine a life before Facebook. Whether it’s politics or our private lives...Read More

Why & How to Power Up Email Marketing for Ecommerce Success

Want to knock it out of the park this year with your Ecommerce website? If you do nothing else, power up your email marketing program. Why? Well, because a) email has a high ROI and b) you control your email list. You don’t control Facebook, Instagram, or other social media. So, spend your time and money on email marketing to get the most bang for your buck. Email marketing is what...Read More

Buy a Tripod...and Other DIY Video Tips

In a recent client discussion, we talked about all the “new skills” we were blessed (forced) to learn in the early stages of the pandemic. For many, that skill was video production, which lead to the idea of sharing ideas learned along the way to becoming videographers (sort of). First, buy a tripod… and other DIY video tips. Many of us have been hoping to get back on the road in early 2021. Read More

Email Marketing Works -- Here's The Data

Did you know the first email marketing blast was sent in 1978? The 400-person email resulted in $13 million is sales ($78 mm in today’s dollars). The truth is, email marketing works. While inboxes are more crowded these days, data shows email is still effective with a $42 return on investment (ROI) for every $1 spent. Engaging your customers and prospects through email marketing is a proven revenue-generating activity. Read More

Tips to Make Marketing Easier in 2021

Marketing your business rarely comes easily. There’s always room for improvement and new things to learn. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make marketing a little easier on yourself for 2021. Let’s talk about seven ways to make marketing in 2021 easier — including marketing planning, marketing systems and marketing strategies. Read More

4 Additional Ways to Position Your Company (and Create a Unique Selling Proposition)

To be "well positioned" is to be known for something. That is, unique in the mind of your prospects and customers. In contrast to this are the majority of companies in the lawn and landscape industry who are undifferentiated and indistinguishable from each other. "Just Another Landscaper", as I like to say. As I'm sure you're well aware, many companies in our industry – maybe even you – are not making the money...Read More

5 Offseason Marketing Tips

Just because your business slows down in the offseason doesn’t mean your marketing should slow down too. Marketing in the offseason creates a top-of-mind awareness of your company so that when your customer is ready to buy, they think of you first. If you wait until spring to market your business because you assume that is when buying decisions are being made, you’re probably already too late. Read More

The New Rules of Social Media Marketing in 2021

We stand on the brink of a much-anticipated new year. Vaccines are rolling out, positive change is inching forward in areas of racial equality and climate action, and it’s fair to say that most people are feeling cautiously optimistic about 2021. For marketers, 2021 planning will look a little different than in previous years. While it is true that change is constant in marketing, 2020 shook up the field...Read More

How to Have Content Marketing Success in the Lawn Care & Landscaping Industry - CLICK HERE

4 Strategies Small Businesses Can Use to Get New Customers in 2021

Small businesses are trying to get through this pandemic in any way they can. Some are planning for the upcoming holiday season, but don’t have the strength or energy to even think about what they’re supposed to be doing next year. We’ve already seen massive shifts in how business is done, and how you, as a business owner, market your business. So, how are you going to create momentum...Read More

Creating a Mailing List and Checking It Twice

There are so many ways to communicate with your customer base nowadays, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different ways you can reach them. “It’s impossible to be across every single marketing channel and do it very well,” Joseph Stark, marketing director for Ground Works Land Design, based in Cleveland, Ohio. “What I think is important is to pick the ones that are working for your company...Read More

How to Write and Use a Unique Selling Proposition

When customers have a choice between two offerings, they need something that drives them to choose one option over another. That thing is a unique selling proposition (USP). Whether customers realize it or not, they use unique selling propositions to decide what to buy and who to buy from. When shopping for a new laptop, someone who values price may choose...Read More

Develop Your 2021 Marketing Strategy — Looking Back to Plan Ahead

Many business owners, entrepreneurs, and even veteran marketers devise their strategy for the New Year starting in January. I’m here to make a case for developing your 2021 marketing strategy now, or more specifically, throughout the last quarter of the year. Read More

40 Ways to Use Lawn Care & Landscaping Videos (So They Actually Get Noticed)

About 15 years ago, a “RotoZip” saw was on my Christmas wishlist. I just had to have it. As of today, I have yet to use it. The tool, itself, is fantastic. I can think of many practical uses. Ironically, the RotoZip would have been perfect for cutting a hole in my drywall, just a month ago. But...I forgot all about it. It has been collecting dust in my tool cabinet. At one point, video production may have found its way onto your wishlist. Read More

Keep Your Foot on the Digital Gas

Bridget Behe has guest Leslie Halleck back on the podcast this week. Leslie’s marketing savvy and practicality help firms understand the need, now more than ever, to keep a foot pressed down on the gas pedal for digital efforts. Bridget and Leslie discuss not just digital communication but also e-commerce. Keep increasing social media and marketing and, as customers return to in-person sales they may also likely continue to be engaged in website content. Linking POS systems with e-commerce websites is so fundamental to online sales. Listen Now

Building Brand Loyalty

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times: If you are looking for loyalty, your ideal customers first need to see themselves reflected in your company and its messaging. How do you embody and reflect your target customer’s values and identity if you do not know who they are? When it comes to brand loyalty and lifetime customer value, it all starts with getting to know your customers well, and with what you provide...Read More

Social Media Changes and Challenges

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed many things, including our use of social media. This week, Bridget and Dr. Ariana Torres (Assistant Professor at Purdue University) discuss the changes and challenges of social media for this winter and next spring. How will you change your social media campaign to stay relevant and communicate with consumers? LISTEN TO PODCAST

13 Website Elements (with Examples) That Disqualify Bad Landscaping & Lawn Care Leads

Sound familiar? Do you ever get the feeling that your lawn care or landscaping prospects are clueless tire-kickers that just eat up all of your precious time? Maybe the problem isn’t your prospect. Maybe your website does a lousy job of disqualifying bad-fit leads. Wasted time means less time you can spend closing better opportunities (which ultimately leads to less profit for your company). Read More

2021 Social Media Trends

User-generated content is nothing new, but the way it has been created, sourced, and shared is contemporary. Remixing is on the rise through apps like TikTok, Koji, and Instagram Reels. Remixing is the art of taking existing formats, templates, or ideas, and recreating them to express a user’s own personality or ideas. Expect 2021 to bring even more opportunities for remixing, with brands engaging...Read More

6 Tips to Create Drone Marketing Videos

Over the past few years, drones have infiltrated our news headlines and airspace. People are flocking to the flying devices for recreational and commercial activities, and it doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. Drones come in all shapes and sizes and can be equipped with a camera to capture angles that are otherwise difficult to get. Because of this, drones are becoming increasingly...Read More

The Two Sides of ROI

In the marketing world, many businesses focus on ROI (return on investment). However, when they don’t get the immediate monetary results they desire, they begin to pull away from social media marketing. But there is another side of the coin: ROI 2.0 (return on influence). Many businesses have begun investing more time and money into individuals or organizations who can represent their brand...Read More

Leveraging Social Media for Human Resources

A business owner from Illinois called me the other day to discuss her company’s under-performing recruitment efforts. During that discussion, social media naturally came up, at which time I informed her that in today’s competitive, information-rich environment, every company must have a disciplined social media strategy spanning multiple business goals. It is all too clear to successful business owners...Read More

The Top Facebook Updates You Need to Know

“The only constant is change,” Greek philosopher Heraclitus has famously said. We can’t prove it, but we’re pretty sure he was talking about Facebook updates. Sometimes its changes delight (see: the introduction of Messenger). Sometimes they cause mass outrage (see: literally any time the interface is redesigned). But one thing’s for sure: Facebook never rests on its laurels. There’s always something new in the works...Read More

Radio Star

When the local radio station approached Bloomers Home & Garden Center last year and asked owner Len Schroeder to host a weekly show, his initial response was, “No way. I don’t have time for this.” But the more he thought about the other options for marketing his business against larger box stores with much bigger budgets, he realized that the airwaves could boost his brand in the local market. “A lot of garden centers...Read More

How 2020 Changed Social Media: Checking In On Our Trends Predictions

As we enter the final stretch of this unforgettable year, it’s a good time to check in on the trends impacting the social media landscape. 2020 changed everything: the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we greet one another. It also changed how we use social media. This blog post summarizes: Our 2020 social trends predictions that came to pass, what social networks are doing, trends our researchers...Read More

Business Smarts: Making the Most of Your Email Marketing

With email marketing you walk a fine line between connecting with your audience and being just another sender of spam that your clients will ignore. Email is relatively inexpensive compared to direct mail and is more effective at reaching your desired audience compared to social media posts. Your email marketing can be used to upsell current clients or let them know about a new service...Read More

Instagram Reels: What Marketers Need to Know

Want to create engaging short-form video on Instagram? Have you heard about Instagram Reels? In this article, you’ll discover what Instagram Reels is, learn how to create a reel on Instagram, and discover how to use Instagram Reels for business. Instagram Reels rolled out to the majority of users in August 2020. The feature is touted as a response to the popularity of TikTok and a way to create similar content within...Read More

Communication Coach: Take the Meaningful Marketing Risk

According to a recent Ad Age magazine article, people are now more interested in gardening, exercise and home entertainment because these activities give our lives purpose and meaning. The study revealed most of the hottest brands benefited from technology. Zoom and Microsoft prospered because home-based technology replaced what remained idle back at the office. Other big winners...Read More

14 Examples of Landscaping & Lawn Care Videos for Marketing or Recruiting

Videos are one of the most impactful marketing and recruiting assets in the green industry. They can make your landscaping or lawn care company appear to be on a whole other level than your competitors. Video Marketing Concept. Closeup Landing Page on Laptop Screen on background of Comfortable Working Place in Modern Office. Blurred, Toned Image. 3d render.  The right video can make job seekers...Read More

How to Tag on Instagram and Why You Should

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there that can put your business in front of your ideal audience and help you make more money. Businesses need a strategy, though, and how to tag on Instagram should be a vital part of that. Forming a strategy usually includes deciding on the visual style of your feed, planning your posts in advance, and researching hashtags to use in your posts...Read More

Cultivating Customers on Instagram

During session two of Cultivate’20 Virtual’s Selling Plants Online & Marketing Strategies Series, Grace Hensley spoke to the event’s attendees about mobile marketing for green industry businesses. Hensley is a certified horticulturist, member of GardenComm and owner of Fashion Plants LLC, a horticultural services firm serving the Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo and Seattle areas of Washington state. Read More

Become a Digital Marketing Guru

Katie Elzer-Peters, owner of The Garden of Words, a source for horticulture website building, writing, branding and publishing, said marketing and merchandising are now “extremely intertwined.” “People are not buying stuff from you,” she said. “They are buying an experience.” Part of that experience is on social media, since a large portion of IGCs’ target audience can be found there. To use social media properly...Read More

Optimize Your Website for Local Traffic

In this day and age, most business owners have been beaten to death with the importance of optimizing your website for search engines. You most likely receive emails weekly or even daily from marketers and scammers claiming to get you to the “top of the list” in a short time. Most technically savvy business owners also know it’s just not that simple.  There are a lot of different strategies to optimize your website. While it’s important to draw traffic...Read More 

Four Digital Marketing Areas to Focus on During Crisis Recovery

Many business owners and marketers are finding themselves in a similar situation today. The pandemic has caused many challenges, put previous marketing ideas on hold and even changed the ways we operate. As we look to get our businesses back in gear, your target market needs to know you’re still there.  Marketing is vital for getting the word out about your business and what you have to offer. It wasn’t an option prior to Covid-19, and it certainly...Read More

10 Social Media Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

To err is human, and behind every great business social media presence is a human (or several). We all make mistakes, and the same is true with social media management. However, while a hashtag typo or an incorrect link can (and likely will) happen as you market your brand, they are certain social media mistakes you can avoid.  We’ve highlighted the top 10 most common social media mistakes with pointers on how to avoid them. Read More

Social Media Marketing Tips for Each Platform

Social media can be daunting for landscape and lawn care companies, especially when you plan to start using a platform for business purposes rather than personal ones. Yet it can also be a powerful marketing tool when used effectively. Each social media platform comes with its own nuances, benefits, downsides and audiences. Like any other form of marketing, you need to have solid goals before launching...Read More

Market Your Business Like It's 2022

The uncertainty we face right now because of COVID-19 has everyone off balance. This time is an opportunity for entrepreneurs with vision and courage to show the way, landscaping companies included. If this isn’t the right time for that dream vacation to Barcelona, it may be the right time for investing in a swimming pool, pergola or outdoor kitchen. That’s how I would be thinking if I were still selling landscaping services. Read More

Search Engine Optimization: Helping Customers Find You

Previously, I offered some tips on putting your website to work for you. This month, I’m back to help make sure your website can be discovered by search engines, such as Google, which is vital to helping both customers and other businesses find you on the internet. The primary goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to make sure that when users are looking for your nursery or wholesale business, your name...Read More

How to Create an Engaging Client Newsletter

A few years ago my company, Landscape Digital Institute, and Landscape Management surveyed the industry on its use of digital marketing. Hundreds of responding companies reported plans to do more with it. Surprisingly, email marketing was named among the least favored marketing channels. What’s puzzling about this is that email marketing is 400 percent more effective than social media marketing...Read More

Embrace Modern Media

We’re living and working in times where marketing and media are ever-moving targets. Technology continues to evolve at a pace that’s tough to match. With the way media continues to redefine itself, choosing and executing the best marketing tactics can be confounding. If you’re still trying to use conventional sales channels to capture marketing share, you’re likely losing ground. If you haven’t figured out how to use new media channels...Read More

Nailing Search Engine Optimization

While the challenge of ensuring that your website is search engine optimized (SEO) can feel daunting, getting your hands around SEO basics may be easier than you think—and well worth the effort. “We have managed a consistent SEO campaign for two years now and can compare year-over-year results that show traffic increases,” says Laura Hammond, director of marketing for Al’s Garden & Home, which has...Read More

Crisis Marketing

One of the most important things when it comes to marketing and communications in times of crisis is to be proactive and transparent, says Kerstin Poehlmann, president of Pen & Petal, a marketing communications agency servicing the green industry. There is some confusion among companies about choosing the right marketing message during times like these, so we asked Poehlmann for some crisis-marketing advice. Read More

Marketing Through the Crisis

It’s been tough. Excruciating, really. As the landscape and irrigation industry’s peak spring season slides into summer, so many of us are either easing out of quarantine restrictions or scrambling back into daily operations. As difficult as navigating the pandemic has been, a universal truth remains: No matter the economic conditions, grass and plants are still growing. Now more than ever, it’s important...Read More

Communication Coach: A 3-point plan for Building Winning Marketing Content

Whenever there is a crisis, people seek stability. This is an opportunity for helping your audience. Marketing 101 says you should meet them where they are. They can’t possibly be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram AND YouTube. Do I use all of those channels? Sure, but for different purposes. And that puts me in three or four audiences. On YouTube, I’m looking for tutorials to learn something, such as how to fix...Read More

Searching for Answers

What does SEO do? Whether you have been practicing SEO (search engine optimization) since you first launched your site or you are just starting to get your site to rank in search engine result pages (SERPs), you may have heard, “SEO is dead.” That statement has been said for years; however, that could not be farther from the truth. People have questions and the internet, with the help from...Read More

Creating a Dynamic Website

A dynamic website can improve any business. Matt Preuss, owner of Cutting Edge Landscape Design, of Los Alamitos, California, and Krisjan Berzins, owner and CEO of Kingstowne Lawn & Landscape, of Alexandria, Virginia, sing the praises of what a new, updated site can do for a company.  For Preuss, the process started after he received something in the mail from a digital marketing agency. “I got a flyer in the mail...Read More

21 Typical Marketing Problems for Lawn & Landscape Companies

Marketing problems at your lawn or landscaping company...they are plenty...Lack of brand awareness...Advertising/marketing campaigns that fall flat on their face. Frustrating relationships with marketing agencies...Unqualified leads... That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Now before you spiral into depression, take solace in one reality. You aren’t alone....and that matters. The same challenges you are facing...Read More

The Snowball Effect: How 5 Green Industry Companies Grew Their Website Traffic by 2.5x

I promise to keep this blog post short. In return I want you to spend a few minutes reviewing the graphic below. These charts are showing the website traffic growth (measured by "visits") for five companies we've been working with over the past three years. Traffic growth is tracked from January of 2014 through what we project for January of 2017. So three full years of data. Read More

Thoughtful vs. Thoughtless Content; and, How to Leverage Content Internally


Three Tips For Quickly Adjusting Your Online Marketing Strategy

When faced with a crisis or challenge, a business may be forced to come up with new ways to market its products and services, almost overnight. Businesses often spend countless hours — if not months, depending on the size of the organization — coming up with robust marketing plans as they head into the new year. Today, however, many businesses are finding themselves with a unique set of challenges. Read More

10 Ways To Strengthen Your Marketing Message and Mix

How well your company rebounds this year depends on the strength of your company’s marketing and sales culture. This is not the time to rely solely on referrals: When the economy drops, so do your leads. Strong marketing and sales-oriented companies don’t have this problem, even now. They have marketing engines and strong sales systems in place to drive growth. Read More


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