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All sessions on Plants Day (January 18) and the LA breakout sessions have been approved for LACES credit.


Aaron Zych

Form and Function: Solving Water Issues Can Be Prettier Than You Think

LACES Approved, 1.0 HSW

Aaron Zych, PLA
ILT Vignocchi

 Water issues can be a major issue with any landscape, this is especially true for residential projects. We will discuss real case studies of residential projects that had detrimental water issues and how those issues were resolved. We will also go that next step and discuss what the entire landscape blossomed into after those water issues were resolved, some simple while others complete yard transformations. This will be a look at how water issues, through engineering, thoughtful design, and correct plant placement and type, can transform a property in a beautiful way. 


Phillip Douglas

Expanding the Palette: Alternative Selections to Overused Plants
LACES Approved, 1.0 HSW

Phillip Douglas
Chicago Botanic Garden

In order to overcome the challenges of modern landscapes, a diversity of plants must be used that outperform the pressures of pests, diseases, and cultural problems. A more resilient landscape can be created by expanding our plant palette with alternative selections to the mundane and overused.

Shannon McEnerney
Nikki Melin
Taming the Wild: Natives for the Residential Landscape

LACES Approved, 1.0 HSW

Shannon McEnerney 
Midwest Groundcovers


Nikki Melin, ICN Pro
Midwest Groundcovers

The movement to support the environment with native plants continues to gain momentum every year. While often considered “wild” and “unwieldy”, Nikki and Shannon will share examples from the Midwest Native Gardens that showcase options for low profile native plants that can be used in a traditional garden setting. Learn about native plants that are both aesthetically pleasing and can that be used in manageable combinations in a residential garden.


Bryce CarnehlGlobal Irrigation Solutions for Efficient Water Management - Site Studies

LACES Approved, 1.0 HSW

Bryce Carnehl
Hunter Industries

Landscapes for today and the future have changed. No longer just an aesthetic pleasantry, we ask our landscapes act as a functioning asset to our communities. The investment of this ‘green infrastructure’ sequesters carbon, provides habitat for wildlife, decreases heat-island effects, increase public health and well-being, increases workforce productivity, decreases hospital stay lengths, and so much more for the communities in which we live, work and play. Tactical and sustainable irrigation solutions must be employed to maximize these eco-systems while efficiently managing the world’s most valuable resource, water. Join us for a trip around the world as we visit green infrastructure investments and explore the irrigation challenges, solutions, and results.


Jenna Jones
Brodie Kerst

Storytelling with Video: Using Videography to Grow Your Business

LACES Approved, 1.0 Non-HSW

Jenna Jones
site design group, ltd


Brodie Kerst
Brodie Kerst Productions

Digital storytelling can be an invaluable business development and communication tool for landscape architects and designers. As digital media increasingly becomes the prevailing source of information consumption, it is essential for design professionals to understand how to and when to leverage video in their business.




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