The ICN Pro Program has been developed to offer a way to upgrade the retail nursery industry through the improvement and maintenance of the skills and knowledge of its employees and owners. A well informed staff with a positive self-image should result in better service to the customer. This in turn will translate to repeat customers and a good reputation, and once established, will bring new customers. 

ICN Professional of the Year

Each year, the IGIA Board of Directors nominates an ICN Pro of the Year, based on their contributions to the industry and professional standing.

Congratulations to the 2018 recipient, Laurie McWilliams, co-owner of CopperTree Outdoor Lifestyles.

Past ICN Professionals of the Year are as follows:

2017   Cathy Ward
            IL Department  
            of Agriculture

2008   Elaine Peoples
            Outdoor Lifestyles


2000   Tony Fulmer

2016   Meagan Provencher       
            Wasco Nursery &
            Garden Center


2007   Bill Erickson

1999    Mark McWilliams
             Outdoor Lifestyles
              (with Green View at
               time of award)


2014   No award given 2006   Harry Lewis
            Illinois Executive Mansion     
            (with Green View at
            time of award)

1998    Nick Nicklas
             AGN Landscaping
             (with Kankakee Nursery
              at time of award)


2013   No award given

2005   Heidi Lindroth
            Moonglow Farms
             (with Hoffie Nursery
              at time of award)


1997    Carol Rakers
             Creative Garden Services


2012   Marlene Frisbie
            Hoffie Nursery
            (at time of award)


2004   Robert Milani
1996    Kathy Freeland
             Midwest Groundcovers
 2011   Lindsay Sager

2003   Carey Boehm-Corrie
            Boehm's Garden Center


1995    Doug Johnson
2010   No award given 2002   Holly Volk
            D.A. Hoerr & Sons

1994    Brian Aaron
             National Nursery Products
            (with Green View at 
             time of award)


2009   Becca Trace
            Green View 

2001   Rick Craig
            A Greener Vision
            (with Chalet at 
             time of award)

1993    Doug Jones


Below is a list of successful candidates that were awarded an ICN Pro certificate, patch and the right to advertise ICN Pro status on letterhead, business cards, clothing, etc. Certification is for individuals, not firms, and the ICNPro title may be promoted only in relation to individuals.