InVigorateU Growers Track

Don’t miss this chance to spend time with some of the top growers in the Midwest. One thing that makes our producers unique is their willingness to come together to solve problems, help others who are struggling and mentor those coming up in the business. Use this opportunity to build connections while hearing a great lineup of topics put together for you by the IGIA Growers Committee.

Timothy HowardHow Growers Utilize Their Websites to Increase Profitability 

Timothy Howard
Clarity Connect, Inc. 

Timothy has helped wholesale growers take their offering online for over 15 years. In this presentation, he will share real-life examples from his experience helping wholesale operations put their best foot forward on a website. All examples will be 100% GROWER related. In the presentation, he will review both the customer-facing functionality and the back-office systems implemented to improve efficiencies and profitability.

Trent FordWeather and Climate Change Impacts on Horticultural Crops

Dr. Trent Ford
Illinois State Water Survey/ Prairie Research Institute

Extreme weather is a serious threat to horticultural crops in Illinois, and climate change - past, present, and future - increases those threats. We'll discuss extreme weather in Illinois, its impacts on horticulture, and how climate change has and is expected to affect weather events such as heavy rain, heat waves, and droughts.

Kris BachtellHow to Train New Age Elm for a Productive Future

Kris Bachtell
The Morton Arboretum

No more nightmares on Elm Street. Today a completely new generation of elms is becoming available to beautify and green American cities. For these trees to have the longevity they need to be sited properly and a sound, well-developed structure, they must be pruned properly when young. Gain an understanding of how these pruning principals can be utilized to improve your communities’ trees for a long, productive future.

Non-Chemical Solutions to What Bugs You

Facilitator: Danny Strohl, Platt Hill Nursery

Panel Participants: 
Bob Hamrick, Ron Clesen's Ornamental Plants
Colin Zettle, Clesen Brothers, Inc. 

The panel will offer real-world experience with biological controls as alternatives to pesticides in the nursery and greenhouse.  They will discuss the following:

  • Making the switch from chemicals to beneficials – how, what, when, where

  • Most commonly used methods, IPM implementation, and scheduling

  • Economics of making the switch: short-term and long-term

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