How to Earn Continuing Education Points as an ICN Pro

Annual re-certification of your ICN Pro designation is based on the accumulation of continuing education points and remittance of the required annual fee. Each November, you will be asked to submit your renewal form, certifying that you earned the required CE points, along with the $30 fee to the IGIA office.  Upon receiving this information, IGIA staff will renew your designation.  The ICN Pro designation is renewed on a calendar year basis, expiring December 31 annually.

Record Keeping
You are responsible for keeping track of your points. Suitable documentation should be submitted with this form (i.e. name badge from event, copy of registration form, program booklet, etc.). Do not send materials prior to annual re-certification time.

Continuing Education (CE) Points
Four (4) points are required annually. At least two (2) must be obtained through educational horticulture-related programs. If you are unable to get your points, you may obtain re-certification by re-taking and passing the ICN Pro test. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Example Activity Points Earned Details

Attend a Green Industry Educational

½ point per
1/2-day session

Any professional horticulture-related

Take a College Course

1 point per
semester hour

Must be in horticulture field
Attend IGIA-hosted Education Event

1 point per day

Any professional horticulture-related
Participate in a green industry webinar or
online education session
1/4 point per one
hour session
Any professional horticulture-related
Attend Non-IGIA Trade Show/Field Day ½ point per day Maximum of 1 point per event

Write an article for Trending Green,,,
Landscape Contractor or other
industry publication

1 point
per article

Must be a minimum of 300 words
Speak at an Industry Event 1 point Could include in-store seminar, radio or
TV program, podcast, etc.
Be an ICN Pro Mentor 2 points Tutor a colleague as they prepare
for the ICN exam
Help IGIA Staff Administer ICN Pro Exam 1 point  
Engage in IGIA Committee Work 1 point 1 point per year per committee
Refer a Candidate to ICN Pro Program 1 point Upon successful completion of exam

One of your four points must come from an IGIA (Illinois Green Industry Association) related event or activity.