Why Belong to IGIA

  •  Unparalleled advocacy efforts and proven relationships with the agencies that regulate our industry.
  •  Access to a full-time lobbyist and a consistent presence in Springfield.
  •  Networking opportunities with colleagues, clients and competitors.
  •  Cultivating business relationships across the various segments of our industry.
  •  Innovative education events, with the ability to earn CEUs.

Your membership matters. Strengthen our effort by joining the cause.

Membership Levels

Active members are Illinois firms engaged, in some manner, in the sale, installation or care of horticultural plants for the landscape. This includes growers, retailers, landscapers and irrigation contractors. There are three (3) levels of dues based on the company’s gross revenues from the preceding year. All Active member firms are entitled to vote on association matters.

Dues Levels

Membership Level

Gross sales and service


A Over $1 million $695
B $500,000 - $999,999 $495
C $0 - $499,999 $295

Your membership investment in the association is not tax deductible as a charitable contribution. It may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense. Consult your tax advisor. Even though your dues may be tax deductible as a business expense, 35% of each members’ dues are non-tax deductible because of federal lobbying laws.

Additional Membership Types Available

Allied Members
Allied members are manufacturers and distributors of horticultural equipment and supplies, industry support services, and out-of-state growers, retailers, and landscapers.  Dues are fixed.  Please note: Allied members are entitled to vote on association matters. Allied membership is not available to firms eligible for active membership. Annual dues are $395.

Associate Members
Associate members are individual members.  Employees of member firms, educators, government officials and others who are somehow associated with the green industry are eligible.  Dues are fixed.  Associate membership is not available to any person eligible for active or allied membership. Annual dues are $125.

Branch Designations
Active members that have branch locations pay the branch location fee to have all additional locations included in their active membership.  There is no limit on the number of locations that can be included.  The $100 branch fee is only paid once regardless of the number of locations. It is the company contact’s responsibility to make IGIA aware of branch location employees to include in membership. The branch location benefit has become critically important as our legislative activity has ramped up and we create member maps by district to demonstrate our industry footprint; in addition to promotional tactics that drive traffic to our member locator.  

Retired Members
Retired Members are individuals that have officially sold their business or who are not actively engaged in day-to-day operations of the business, serving previously as an “active member” as set forth under the guidelines of active membership.  Retired members shall be entitled to the privilege of the floor during open meetings but shall not be entitled to vote.  Annual dues are $125.

Student Members
Student Membership shall be for full time students studying horticulture.  Student members are not entitled to vote. Annual dues are $25.

Application Options

At any time in the process, should you have questions about the process or what membership level your company would join at, please contact the IGIA office at 217.546.4733 or [email protected].

1. Complete a paper application by accessing the pdf form - CLICK HERE - Form can be emailed to [email protected], faxed at 217.546.4703, or mailed to 901 S. 2nd St, Ste 101, Springfield, IL 62704.

2. Use our online application to submit your form and payment online 

Membership Application